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My Calligraphy Favorites

You guys! I am overjoyed by the support I have received since launching! Christmas tags are flying out the door, custom holiday cards are at the printer, logos have been made, and I've been hustling around town making friends (yay!) and magic with local creatives. You are helping me live my best life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can I also say how nice it's been to hear from so many of you!? Keep it coming- let's stay connected!


As promised, this week I'm bringing you a list of my favorite calligraphy tools & supplies. These are a few of my ride or dies, tried and true, calligraphy esentials. If you want to join in on the handwriting journey (and please do!) this list is for you. Treat yo 'self (insert Tom & Donna singing) to these supplies or add them to your list for Santa!


Hands down, favorite tool in my studio is the Paper and Ink Arts Adjustable Oblique Holder

Reasons I love this baby? It's adjustable which means it fits almost any nib, I love how it feels in my hand, and the design is gorgeous. I love, love, love this holder and as I'm writing this I'm wondering why I don't have one in every color. (Ohhhh husband, are you reading!?! Put them on my Christmas list!)

Now If you read my last post you know that I'm an oblique kinda girl- but that doesn't mean you are too. You might find that a straight holder is more your jam. If you're just starting out and want to try different style holders, your local Michael's should carry both straight and oblique pen holders by Speedball. These are great for learning. 


The Nikko G Pointed Nib wins in my book. It's sturdy yet flexible, smooth as butter, and you can make hairline strokes. 

There's a lot of nibs with a lot to offer. Paper and Ink Arts did a killer job putting together this Sampler of 25 Nibs which is a great way familiarize yourself with different nibs. If you decide to look for nibs at your local craft store, make sure you buy pointed nibs. 

3. INK

Ziller's Ink is absolutely the best I've found. I love the colors, I love the pot it comes in, I love the consistency, I love how it rarely bleeds. I seriously love everything about Ziller's Ink! 


If you caught my Instagram post the other day, the one with the blue vows, then you know  Dr. Ph Martins Hydrus Watercolors are where it's at. These fine art watercolors are liquid and highly pigmented which means they are perfect for calligraphy and a little goes a long way.


Before you dive into handwriting there are a few different types of paper you'll want to pick up: 
Tracing Paper- for drafting
Parchment Paper- for writing
Watercolor Paper- for projects
You'll also want to pick up a journal/ sketchbook or two because, PRACTICE! 


It's super important to have some good markers hanging around in your creative space. These markers from Tombow are AHHHmazing. I don't love a brush tip and these are a nice in between. They bend enough to practice pressure but not too much, to where it's flimsy.


Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thrope
Creative Lettering and Beyond by Walter Foster


Paper and Ink Arts-
Blick Art Materials-

Thanks again for reading, everyone. It's incredibly humbling that my opinion means something to you. I hope many of you are inspired to pick up a pen & nib, buy some ink, and create alongside me. 

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