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Weekend Getaway in Red Lodge

Alright, you guys, I know I said a paper post was coming next but I just got done having some new photos taken by my sweet friend, and most talented photog, Keeley McKay. I'm waiting until those come back because omg, they are going to be oh so good! Let's jump into our weekend in Red Lodge instead.

A couple weeks back we were spending time with our good friends Timmy and Rita when we decided to plan a trip to the boys' hometown of Red Lodge. The guys were itching to ski and we were all ready to get out of town for a few days, so we found an Airbnb that allowed dogs (always a must) and marked our calendars. 

The first time I went to his sweet little hometown, the visit was short and I didn't get to see much. To change that we decided early Friday morning so we had time to explore together before our friends arrived. Road trips here are often and breathtaking. It's clear to see why. 


We pulled into town midmorning on Friday. Our first stop was for lunch at Bogarts, then down to the Candy Emporium, and after that, we hopped back in the truck. We drove past the homes Kent used to live in, up to the mountain where he learned to ski and past the old zoo that his family owned. After all the running around and nostalgia, we checked into our creekside cabin.


The cabin was amazing! We are already planning another stay in the summer with family and friends because it's that good. It's pet friendly, with a hot tub overlooking the creek, fire place, fire pit, board games, movies, etc. You name it, they probably had it. Back to the trip- our friends got into town later that evening and we enjoyed our first night by the fire. 

The rest of the weekend followed the same tune. Relaxing and getting in quality time with our dear, dear friends. The boys went skiing for half a day on Saturday, and while Rita and I had plans to shop, we spent most of our time chatting in the cabin. We did, however, make it out of the house for another trip to the CANDY STORE! (Don't worry you guys, I know thats really why you're reading) We ate the best homemade chili by the queen herself (AKA Rita because no matter how hard I try my chili will never compare), attempted to play monoploy and truly had the loveliest time. 

Now it's time to get down to biz on this candy! The Montana Candy Emporium was nothing I imagined but it was oh, so, sweet! The walls are covered with vintage signage and there are collectibles staged throughout the shop. Candy comes in wooden barrels by pound so you can mix and match as you like. They also have a chocolate counter and all the candy bars. We, of course, bought wayyy too much and still have bags of this goodness stashed around the house. 

It was a wonderful and much needed trip for all, including the pups. We are so thankful to have such great friends to adventure with. Timmy, Rita and Benny- we love you guys! 


Are you a Montanan? Have you been to Montana? I'm still learning my way around the state and would love to hear about your favorite small towns and places to explore!

I promise a paper is coming next and soon. Lot's to announce about the biz- so stay tuned! 

Thanks for reading and following along.





Brooke Averill